Woman in England Fined for Throwing a Cigarette Butt

Smoking in Car

In England a car passenger was subjected to pay a £642 fine for throwing a cigarette butt out of window in a car.

The talk is about Emma Greensmith, of Ponesfield Drive, Lichfield, who was seen throwing a cigarette butt during a travel in the car along the A5, in Warwickshire, towards Tamworth.

£642 is a final sum for all fines and expenses connected to law violation. At the beginning of the week she was fined £220 in her absence during a hearing at Nuneaton Magistrates’ Court. Then she was subjected to pay £22 for victim surcharge , £150 for court costs, £250 legal costs to North Warwickshire Borough Council. She had to pay all these costs because she did not pay an initial fixed penalty notice of £80 and did not even respond to next reminders from the Council. Moreover, she showed an ignoration when the council wanted to interview her under caution.

Steve Maxey, assistant chief executive to the council, explained that when a person is caught throwing a cigarette butt out of a car window he or she must pay a fine of £50 in the course of seven days. In case she or she does not pay this fine during a week, it rises to £80. Emma Greensmith did not took this fine seriously at once and now she faces a £642 fine.

Surveys demonstrate that over 80% of litter in public spacesis made up of cigarette butts and other waste from tobacco. Steve Maxey said that the environment is a priority for the Council because annually it spends hundreds thousands pounds on cleanining public places from cigarette litter.

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