Youth Worried About Smoking in Movies

Smoking in Movie

In Canada’s city Ontario, in 2013 most box-office hits (86%) with smoking scenes were youth-rated (G, PG, 14A). This is an alarming data because numerous studies showed that when young people see smoking in movies they find it normal thing and start smoking too.

During Toronto International Film Festival, there took place the event ‘Director’s Cut’ dedicated to the subject. The egvent was organized by activists from Canadian Cancer Society in cooperation with the Ontario Coalition for Smoke-Free Movies.

In the course of the event visitors were informed about the problem. Also there was organized a peaceful demonstration and gathering of signatures of support to make all new youth-rated movies in the city of Ontario smoke-free.

Rakhshan Kamran, a young activist says that tobacco companies promote smoking via movies and this must be stopped. Young people are most vulnerable representatives of society and they must be protected from bad habits. When young people often see smoking on TV, they start thinking that smoking is cool and normal, because their favorite heroes use cigarettes. Movies never show the effects of smoking, they only show that smoking helps to relax and gives pleasure.

Experts say that promoting smoking via movies helps tobacco companies to gain more tobacco users.

It should be said that rating system for movies in Canada differs from the one in the USA. In 2013 in the USA only 34% of movies were youth-rated while in Ontario — 86%.

Signatures collected during the event will be sent to the Ontario Film Review Board (OFRB) that is responsible for giving ratings to movies released in Ontario.

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